Support and Land Crew

All Paddlers are required to nominate their Land Crew as part of their entry, which is then verified at the Paddlers Registration Checklists prior to commencing the RPM Event.

The Land Crew pay a vital role in order to assist their paddlers in completing their RPM event.  They do more than just drop off the paddler and drive to the finish and wait!  Often, their involvement will make or break the paddling experience.

The Land Crew are expected to meet the demands of the paddler – especially for the longer events.  They will need to co-ordinate the food and drink at stops, the batteries for the GPS and all in a 2-minute window demanded by their paddler!  They have warm, dry clothes at the finish and then pack up the boat each day as well!

The RPM is an ultra-marathon that is run in winter and they need to be ready to respond immediately at the direction of the Race Director should their paddler require assistance.

Land Crew Directions

We have provided a set of GPS co-ordinates that are helpful for Land Crew –