Registration opens on the 1st of March 2025, due to river flow in the Murray River which effects our M200/R200 Paddlers.

Early bird fees apply for those who register and pay before midnight on Sunday 4th May 2025, and there is a cut off for all registrations on 24th May 2025 two weeks prior to the event.

To Register

This year, there are some changes to the RPM entry system and process to enable us to streamline the behind-the-scenes management of the event.

There a several areas of your entry application that must be completed to enable you to proceed through your entry.

  • You will need to know your Paddle Australia membership number. Or, if you are not a Paddle Australia member, you will be required to complete the Paddle Australia Event Entry Application and Declaration and pay the PA Event Fee.
  • If you are a Paddle Australia Member and you do not know your Paddle Australia Membership number, you will need to obtain it from your Club PA Go Membership Administrator before you can proceed an entry.
  • You will be required to formally Authorise the Race Director in circumstances where it is not possible or it is impracticable to communicate with you, to seek or delegate Medical, Surgical, or Dental treatment as may be considered necessary on your behalf (including the transfusion of blood).
  • To qualify for the reduced Early Bird Entry Fee, you will also be required to acknowledge that you will pay and provide proof of the payment before the designated date/time (4th May 2025). If you are unable to do this, you will acknowledge that the full entry fee will be paid.

      Register as a participant in the RPM you must first of all make some important decisions like –
      * Which event will I participate in?
      * Will I paddle double, single or in a relay?
      * What age class or category do I fall within?
      * What sort of craft am I going to paddle?
      * Who can I get to land crew?
      * Am I a Paddle Australia member?

       Land crew:  A Land crew is required and must be nominated during registration.

      Once you have answered these questions you can complete an online registration.

      * NOTE * When registering for a Relay or multi-person boat, complete your individual registration and ensure that the chosen Team name matches your teammate so we can match you up.

      If for any reason you cannot use the form below, please register directly on the Raceresults site

      Address: 49 peake terrace waikerie
      Phone: (08) 8541 2651
      Website: Waikerie Caravan Park

      Address:  2 McCoy St, Waikerie SA 5330
      Phone:   (08) 8541 2999
      Website:   Waikerie Hotel

      Address: 461 Holmes Rd, Kingston on Murray SA 5331
      Phone: 0408 685 053
      Website: Kingston on Murray