Reminders for 2024

All paddlers are required to have the following compulsory safety equipment

PFD’s – A correctly fitted Type 50S (which replace the Type 2 or 3) PFD’s that has been Certified to Australian Standard – AS4578 Approval markings must be legible, these must be worn at all times whilst on the water. If at any time a paddler is found to be not wearing a properly fitted and fastened PFD’s they will be disqualified and removed from the Water. Inflatable Level 150 Lifejackets are not considered suitable. They provide no buoyancy without action by the wearers, who may be incapacitated and therefore unable to inflate them.

Leg Rope – all ski’s – including Surf Ski’s and Ocean Racing Ski’s will require a leg rope to be fitted and used in addition to the standard compulsory equipment.

Space Blanket: which must be carried on the paddler – in a pocket of the PFD.

Clothing: The paddler is required to wear clothing suitable to the conditions and to additionally carry on their boat in a waterproof bag a set of warm clothing.

Signalling: Each Paddler is required to have a pea-less whistle attached to their PFD (compulsory since 2015) and all RPM 200, RPM 200 Relay and RPM 100 Paddlers are required to carry a waterproof torch.

Food and Water: Each Paddler should carry sufficient food and water

Suitable clothing includes footwear, long pants (thermals are suggested), long sleeve top (again, thermals are suggested) and head cover in the form of a hat that provides sun protection.  Clothing against the skin must not be cotton – as when cotton gets wet it very quickly draws heat away from the body and this could potentially cause hypothermia for a paddler.  All clothing worn may get wet, so choosing clothing that dries quickly and provides sufficient warmth and sun protection should be chosen.

Optionally, (but recommended) is a spray jacket or other suitable waterproof coat in case of rain.

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