The RPM has the following craft classes available to entrants.

Regardless of the Boat class, all craft entered must have permanent fixed buoyancy, such that in the event of a capsize the craft cannot sink.

K and C ICF classes – are all craft that meet the International Canoe Federation specifications.

Maximum Length520cm650cm1100cm
Minimum Weight12kg18kg30kg

Maximum Length520cm650cm900cm
Minimum Weight14kg20kg30kg

TK and TC classes (Transitional or Touring Classes) are craft that meet the Australian Touring Craft specifications.  Full specifications available from Australian Canoeing Marathon Rules.

BOATSMax LengthMin Waterline beam
TC1 and TC2503cm71.2cm

Recreational Classes – this class is generally Sea Kayaks and the Ocean Racer craft – which are designated as all other “sit on top” ski’s

BOATSMax LengthMin Waterline beam

RKS1 -Recreational Kayak Short, 1 person – is any sit in Kayak that is less than 4.5m in length and has no rudder. If there is a rudder, then the class of the craft is RKM1.

OR1 and OR2 are all sit on top non SLSA spec ski’s

Surf Ski – SSK1 and SSK2 are craft which meet the Surf Lifesaving of Australia specifications in terms of length and weight and has a SLSA certification sticker on the craft, Ski Paddlers are required to use a leg leash at all times to connect them to the craft.

SUP – All Stand Up Paddle Boards, SUPs are required to use a leg leash at all times to connect them to the craft

Outrigger Canoe – OC1 OC2, OC4. OC6

Unrestricted – this is a class to cater for all other craft that do not specifically meet one of the above specifications in terms of length, width or minimum weights.  Typically this is craft that would otherwise fall into the Recreation classes but exceed the 6M maximum length or are narrower than the minimum widths. Basically, any craft that is seaworthy, has fixed buoyancy and is paddled facing in a forward direction with either a single or double paddle falls into this class.

Other Craft

The RPM is an inclusive Paddling & Rowing event and include Dragon boats and have even had a Surfboat enter in the past!