We have looked at various methods of real time tracking of paddlers and we want to try out a mobile phone based App that can share your location real-time.

The App is Called Glympse and is available both for Apple and Android phones.

There are a few reasons we selected Glympse – the main ones being that it is reliable, it is real time (location updates get sent frequently when you are in range of a phone signal, mot importantly, YOU control it – Your privacy is paramount, we configure it to share your boat number and only for the required duration.

We will go thru the steps of installing, setting up and using Glympse for the RPM,

Open up the App Store and install Glympse

Once Installed, you may be asked to register/verify, you can either follow the steps or select continue as guest.



Open up Glympse, and we want to then setp thru and set our Glympse Name to be Our Boat Number

Click On the Menu,

Click on the name at the top, this will be the name that you set when you installed it.

Where the name comes up, REPLACE IT  — with the Word Boat and your allocated event boat number  – eg “Boat 105”

Then click back to the main screen.

Each Day of the event, just before you launch, you need to follow the next steps to share your location for the duration of the Day’s activities.

Now, on the day, when we want to share our location we follow the process below.

Click on the Arrow in the top right.

click on share location

Select Glympse Tag

In the Glympse Tag,  Leave the ! Exclamation mark and then type in “RPM2021”  (without the quotes) then click done.

Select the Time you want to share your location for – For RPM 20 and Relay, select the maximum time of 12 Hours.

For RPM 100 Paddlers, Select 6 Hours, For MM35 Paddlers, select 2 hours.

Once you select the time, Click the Arrow in top right.

You are now sharing your location until the timer runs out.

IMPORTANT – DO NOT CLOSE Glympse or your location sharing Stops, you can lock the screen, plug your phone into a battery pack, and seal it up in a waterproof bag – we suggest at a minimum, into a ziplock bag, and then into another ziplock bag.

If you carry your phone with you while paddling, make sure it is secure and cannot be lost!  Whenever your phone is within range of a mobile tower, your location will be reported real-time.

Once your have shared your location, you can view it within Glympse or via the Web go to Glympse.com/!RPM2021