Supplementary Information

Relay Rules

  1. The following team classes may be entered:
    TC1, TC2, TK1, TK2, K1, K2, C1, C2, C4,CU1,CU2.
    Recreational Kayaks, Surf Skis and Ocean
    Racing Skis. Other classes will be considered
    at the discretion of the Race Director.
  2. Each team may have 2 or more craft of the
    same class. If different classes of craft are used
    the entry is recorded as that of the faster class
  3. Teams may consist of 2 to 4 people for singles,
    or 4 to 8 people for doubles. Mixed crews are
  4. Each crew will paddle a leg of the SA Murray
    Relay Challenge, from checkpoint to
    checkpoint, in their boat. Crew changes during
    a leg will result in the team being reclassified
    ‘non-competitive’ (see Policy, Rules &
    Conditions for definition).
  5. Only 2 identical numbers will be
    issued to each team.
  6. Upon arrival at the checkpoint the incoming
    paddler(s) craft must pass the front cockpit of the waiting craft.  Mid-river  changes are allowed.
  7. The incoming craft will then notify the
    checkpoint officials of their number.
  8. At the locks, the outgoing craft must be ready
    for changeover as per Race Director’s
  9. The outgoing paddler(s) must wait until the in-coming craft pass the front cockpit of their craft before proceeding. The in – coming
    craft must notify the officials of their number.
  10. A team captain or coach may switch the
    paddling order each day but no paddler shall
    paddle 2 consecutive sections.
  11. Please pay attention to instructions from
    checkpoint officials.

Relay Legs
The table below details the relay legs for each day
of the Murray Relay Challenge. Please note that
there are four (4) legs on Saturday.

StartFinishDistance (km)
Leg 1Martins BendLock 412
Leg 2Lock 4Loxton
Leg 3LoxtonNew Residence26
Leg 4New ResidenceMoorook11
Day 2
Leg 1MoorookOverland Corner20
Leg 2Overland CornerDevlins Pound23
Leg 3Devlins PoundWaikerie26
Day 3
Leg 1WaikerieLock 220
Leg 2Lock 2Cadell31
Leg 3CadellMorgan12
Slower Relay Teams
To enable slower relay teams to meet each day’s
cut off times comfortably the Race Director will
allow the following start times regardless of baton
change. Please refer to table below.
Start TimeStart LocationDistance (km)
Day 1
Leg 16:45 amMartins Bend12
Leg 28:30 amLock 427
Leg 310:30 amLoxton26
Leg 42:00 pmNew Residence11
Day 2
Leg 16:45 amMoorook20
Leg 29:00 amLock 323
Leg 310:30 amDevlin Pound26
Day 3
Leg 16:00 amWaikerie20
Leg 28:30 amLock 231
Leg 312 noonCadell12
These arrangements and any further alterations
must be made with and agreed by the Race
Please note the teams that do not make the
closing time for any leg shall be deemed to be
non-competitive for class placings. Checkpoint
closing times are shown on each day’s map on
the following pages.