Entry fees for the 2017 RPM

The MCC Committee set the Entry fee for the RPM in February each year before entries are opened. Entry fee is Per Paddler for the event entered

Early Bird Discount Entry fee for entries completed and paid before 9th May.  The 2017 Early Bird entry fee is at a $50 discount.

All Early Bird entrants as an added bonus will receive their 30th Anniversary RPM Hoodie (plus any additional Hoodies if you order them) at registration on day 1.

Early Bird Entry Fee - Per Paddler

EventOpen/Vet Entry FeeJunior Entry Fee
M 200$200$150
M 200 Relay$200$150
M 100$200$150

Entry fee for all entries from May 10th until entries close on May 30th.

Entrants are not guaranteed to receive 30th Anniversary Hoodie at registration and they will be posted out at a later date.

Entry Fee - Per Paddler

EventOpen/Vet Entry FeeJunior Entry Fee
M 200$250$200
M 200 Relay$250$200
M 100$250$200


All Paddlers who are not a financial member of AC (Australian Canoeing Incorporated) are required to pay a $15 per person Insurance Levy in addition to Race entry fee.

Extra RPM Anniversary Hoodies are available to be ordered at only $30 each.

Note:  All entry fees include multiple components.  Your receipt for your entry will show an entry fee and a donation.  Some of the services provided to the RPM are made on the basis of a donation and the RPM makes this donation on your behalf to these organisations.

The donation portion is provided to AREG (Amateur Radio Experimenters Group) who provide communications and man checkpoints and Morgan Volunteer Ambulance Service for which you are eligible to claim a tax deduction.